Le Belvédère, has obtained the Clef Verte (Green Key) label :
1st national and international environmental label for tourist accommodation and restaurants!
Through a global environmental policy and adopted key initiatives, we aim to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment.


Waste Management /  Energy Saving

• Setting up of the recycling station and management of special waste, trash cans for collecting recyclable waste
• Setting up of a composting area and raising awareness about composting
• Minimising the use of individual plastic packages
• Day/night sensors for lighting in common areas


Water Management

• Installation of self-closing, push-button taps in the common bathrooms – reduction of water flushes to 6 liters.


Noise Disturbance

• Little night time activity, no vehicles from 10:30pm to 7am in the camping area, in order to respect the peace and serenity of everyone


Landscape Integration and Valorisation

• Planting Mediterranean plant species (laurel, lavender, olive trees, etc.), renovation (in progress) of the building situated at the entrance to the camping, using eco-friendly materials.


Shopping policy

• Using household products promoted with the “European Eco label”
• Promoting regional products and wines: partnership with a Wine Co-operative of the golden triangle (triangle d’Or)
• Reusing of the reverse side of printed documents
• Limiting the purchase of plastic bags, including the purchase of products made of wood and metal.



The Clé verte (Green Key) label is a project dedicated to enterprises which  ensures that the employees get permanent training regarding environmental issues and sustainable development.
Let’s not forget that the three first seasons were managed by a group of volunteers who, encouraged by the collective spirit of the project, had the aim of launching an eco-touristic camping site that seeks to keep its impact on the environment to the minimum. The rehabilitation and reopening required a lot of energy as well as some financial investment (2 wooden mobile homes/ playground). This hard work paid off with the awards that we received: the Pays Cathare (Cathare Country) and the qualité sud de France (quality of the South of France) label, the renewal of two stars and the Clef Verte (green key) label in 2012.

Waste Recycling: your Participation

On your arrival we equip you with:

  • 1 green plastic bags for plastic, carton and metal boxes
  • 1 case for glass
  • 1 black or transparent bag for non-recyclable waste

The rubbish bags are provided on your arrival to the camping. The garbage is collected daily at the recycling station near the bathrooms. The organic waste produced at the camping is composted on the spot.

For cleaning the bathrooms, we use ecological houshold products.